Even in Western countries like Germany, the so-called

FIRST WORLD, there are welfare cases where people had fallen through the social grid or have been hit hard by fate.

Many of these people have to run alongside life and observe what happens to the world from the outside instead of being an active part of it. 


Affected are both, adolescents and adults, from every segment of the society and social class. 

Peoples’ lives take the wrong turn due to a variety of reasons.

What happens in a few short moments can often dictate the rest of one’s life.

For people growing up in a deprived area, it is often almost impossible to get out of the downward spiral that a bad environment creates.

With our youth work we want to raise young peoples’ prospects and show them that life is worth living and that there are also opportunities for people from backgrounds like these to become a valued member of society.

People who are DIFFERENT are often treated as if they are unworthy of being at the core of our society or at its top.

PETIT ANGE e.V. tries to emphasize values such as

RESPECT and EQUALITY and is therefore strongly committed to the successful integration of disadvantaged individuals to society.

We stand for community life and an unprejudiced environment.

We should all see it as our duty to make a contribution to society by helping and treating disadvantaged people at eye level instead of blindly walking past them or even marginalising them.

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