We build wells in different countries and always try to respond to cries for help and emergencies in which people,

because of lack of access to water, the essence is denied to life.

Water is the basis of life for us humans, which makes it all the more important to remedy this as quickly as possible.

That's why people depend on your big donations.

Often you want to build a well yourself, within the family or with friends together and donate for it.

Therefore, we offer the possibility of major donations for the water supply systems can be paid in one go.

This possibility is also suitable for people who want to start their own fundraising for this purpose or want to collect.


Maybe you have an individual donation request and would like to implement it together with us.


Please contact us via our contact form or send us an email to donate@petitange.de


We will contact you and try to work together.

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IBAN: DE08 3705 0198 1935 0093 30


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