We think sustainable - we create a living basis

One of our leadind minds reflects in our infrastructural orientation.

Acces to affordable food is decisive for every person.

We always try to be innovative and to make our supply chains efficiently by building sustainable long-term markets.

To this end, we must also improve the rural infrastructure

- in particular the streets, storage and electrification - so that people can reach more consumers and in the long-term including long-term targets.


Water means life!


Tragically, many lack access to this valuable asset. Lack of rain and poor access to water makes life difficult for many people and poses a risk to their lives.

Without water, we can not exist as human beings.

In addition, nothing can be grown, so no livelihood can be sustained.

Many walk for hours and miles every day to supply their families with water.


In addition to water, electricity is often considered a perfectly natural resource, but other countries have to spend a great deal of effort - partly of a financial nature - to gain access to electricity.

A regulated power supply can be used to build stable infrastructure, secure supply and provide access to hot water or even to a heated home.


While in this country almost every child has a place to sleep and is cared for independently of the parents, children in other countries do not have this luxury.


While women are intercepted and protected by us, be it men, poverty or homelessness, many women in other countries often do not know what to do, especially if they have children.

Therefore institutions such as women's and orphanages are the more important for us.


With your help, we want to eliminate such circumstances and help many women and children in the long term.

Tell us if you have a question about a particular thing.​

We will try to help with that as much as possible.

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