In Togo there is a high shortage of clean drinking water.

Parents worry about feeding their children.

It is not possible to work on agriculture or to grow food.


Due to the lack of water, many people become infected with various diseases and sadly often die of it.


As a result, more and more children are becoming half or full orphans.

We want to counteract this with our wells a bit.


As the ground is very dry and rocky, it proves to be difficult to drill very deep.


Our wells usually have a drilling depth of approx. 12 - 15 m and supply between 200 and 300 people with water.


The costs here are about 700 Euro depending on the conditions of the drilling site.


Therefore, we depend on your help and are grateful for any donation for this projects.

Well in Togo

  • You are welcome to give an individual name for the signage on the well.

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