At Petit Ange, we place huge value on transparency and the careful handling of donations.

Dealing with money in a correct and ethical manner whilst

being transparent about the process is our utmost priority.

Our supporters, donors and partners should, at all times,

be informed about how donations are being used and the progress of projects.


Everyone should also know about our costs and expenses.

We try to make the tracking of donations as easy as possible,

so that everyone can see where his/her money is going.

We vouch that our numbers and figures are dealt with in a transparent manner.

This ensures that you always have the possibility to gain insight into our work.

Our open communication to the public makes increased participation and the

faster realisation of projects possible.


Once a year, we publish our annual report which outlines how and

where our donations have been placed and helped.

We always make sure that we do not spend money unnecessarily and want to

assure you that we do our best to always use the most cost effective option.

Tell us if you have a question about a particular thing.​

We will try to help with that as much as possible.

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IBAN: DE08 3705 0198 1935 0093 30


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