As a non-profit and international organization, we want to get people to change the world together with us.


We are a politically and religiously neutral and independent body with the focus on structural and sustainable support to ensure a long-term improvement in living conditions.


Happiness should not be  wishful thinking, luck should be our birthright!


Our motto is always;


If we as individuals can make a difference for someone else in this world and put a smile on his face, the effort has been worthwhile.


We are constantly trying to develop new projects, to support families and to listen to people whose cries for help would be silenced by the burden of suffering.

We want to build places where "perspective" is not even part of the common vocabulary where kids

do not know what regular meals look like or what it feels like to have access to running water.

Places where parents do not know if they can feed their children the next day.

Our goal and our incentive is to be able to offer every person the opportunity and the chance for a good

life. Everyone should be free to decide their destiny, because none of us can choose where we are born.


This organization stands and acts in the spirit of an important person who, despite her young age, has brought and left a special energy & wisdom in this world. A lifestyle that was designed entirely for the benefit of others, with the ambition to help other people in any situation, regardless of their own situation.

The epitome of STRENGTH and LUCK.


It is from this source that PETIT ANGE emerged.


To continue living up to this purpose and goal in life, in her place.

Because each of us wants to leave a trace, a form of specificity.


PETIT ANGE is her trail.





Sparkasse KölnBonn

IBAN: DE08 3705 0198 1935 0093 30


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Petit Ange e.V.,  as a non-profit association, is exempt from corporation tax and registered with the tax office (Finanzamt) under the following tax number: 222/5744/0922